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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research is a not for profit organization that operates on a very limited budget.  All of the equipment and manpower used in the course of an investigation are totaly free to the clientele who request an investigation.  At no time will a client ever have to pay for services supplied by HMPR.

Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research is in dire need of sponsorship to continue it's mission to investigate reports of paranormal activity and help to educate the client to the level of activity present to mention a few of the free services provided by HMPR.  All individuals who donate to HMPR should list in the Note section through PayPal that the Donation is for HMPR.  These donations will be used for equipment necessary to conduct scientific research of the paranormal including but not limited to:  EMF/Gause Meters, Cameras, DVR, Night Shot Equiped Cameras, IR Illuminators, Digital Audio Recorders and Analog Tape Recorders, Thermometers (Thermocouple/IR), and So much more.  This type of research requires a lot of equipment to conduct and some of this equipment is very very expensive.

Currently we are trying to raise money for a Thermal Imaging Camera by Flir.  This particular camera averages 6,000 dollars US used.  Thank you for your interest in our Sponsorship program.

Use this PayPal Button to make a Donation to HMPR: (Be sure to put HMPR in the Note line on the payment screen). If you choose to remain anonyomous, please state so in the PayPal Comments line or via e-mail at haunted_mississippi@hotmail.com

Or you can choose to just donate without being recognized under an equipment stat board. Just use this PayPal Encrypted Button for the direct PayPal Site:

All payments recieved will be greatly appreciated as well as the sponsors will be listed in order of highest donation to lowest donation. (In event of exact same donation amount recieved names will be listed Alphabeticaly.)