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Welcome to the Realtime Chat Applet!  This is very similar to most other chat rooms on the internet where a response is entered shows up on the applet immediately.  This particular applet system allows a user to register with the service that provides the applet so you can actualy have a profile with your own personal information available, but also allows you to hide any and all information too.  I believe that this will become a great help to our group and others who want to speak with group members by allowing persons to post a message at the message boards or in the calendar at the message boards that you want to talk and then being able to talk in real time on this page without the need for a messanger service.

Of course, mind your manners when using this system.  You should never attempt to use profanity on this system and be mindful of what you say.  No tolerance will be given to thoes who maliciously use the HMPR Realtime Chat or other HMPR communications system components.