Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research

"Using science and reasoning in the field of Paranormal Research"

Membership Application


Mission Statement

The goal of HMPR is to research, investigate, and document paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. HMPR is dedicated to the discovery of truth, and to helping those who experience severe, disturbing, or frightening activity. HMPR members will conduct research and investigations according to the rules and policies of the group, and with the utmost respect for the privacy and property of our clientele, the community, and the group itself.


Membership to HMPR is discretionary, and all members must agree to and continue to meet the standards of the society as set forth in the Society’s rules and policies. Members are asked to participate in a reasonable amount of investigations, and attend meetings on a regular basis. Membership is subject to approval, and is conditional for a probationary period of at least 1 year, beginning on the date of acceptance. All members are required to participate in and successfully complete a training program of at least 3 months.

Membership is open to persons who are over the age of 18, and are dedicated and committed to the SCIENTIFIC, LOGICAL, UNBIASED research and investigation of paranormal phenomena.

We are always seeking members who meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Age of 18
  • Drug free lifestyle.
  • No criminal record.
  • Willing to dedicate a small, reasonable amount of time to investigations, research, and meetings on a regular basis.
  • Is available year-round.
  • Experienced in paranormal investigation OR related field (psychology, law enforcement, A/V, computers, private investigation, etc.) OR has no experience, but is willing to undergo an extended training period.
  • Is within a reasonable driving distance of Oxford & Water Valley, MS area and surrounding areas. We also accept applications from people within resonable distance from Pascagoula, MS.
  • Has a GENUINE and SERIOUS interest in paranormal research.

If you would like us to consider you for membership, and you meet the above criteria, please feel free to Fill out the form below. You will be required to meet in person to review your application with a lead investigator, and be interviewed.

HMPR is a DRUG-FREE, non-profit, scientific research organization comprised of dedicated volunteers who seek the truth, help others, and promote awareness of paranormal activity.

(Please Note: All portions listed with an * (astrick) are required portions of the application.  Those questions without the * (astrick) are not mandatory)