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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research (HMPR) is a dedicated group of people who are interested in the paranormal. 

We at HMPR promise to conduct ourselves in a professional manner in all dealings with our clients and the public in general. We understand that talking to someone about spirits or haunting is difficult.



We are here to help. HMPR will take the utmost care in protecting your home, property and confidentiality. When a client extends permission to investigate their property, we will do our best to gather information without being intrusive to the client, though the client must realize that most investigations will take place at night.

After the investigation, a Lead Investigator will meet with the clients to examine the evidence, if any. Copies of all video and audio recordings are available to the client upon request, and there will be no public display of the evidence without the written consent of the home/buisness owner.

We at HMPR are, first and foremost, there to help; before, during and after the investigation.

HMPR investigates the paranormal for the thrill of discovery at no cost to the client.

If you like to talk to us about investigating your home, please contact us......

Utilize this form to request an investigation by the HMPR Team.  Please fill out all information to the best of your knowledge.  This will expedite the process of arrangement of an investigation.  Make sure to include accurate contact info, as this will be necessary in order to arrange a meeting pre-investigation.  All data collected will be kept confidential.

(Please Note: All portions listed with an * (astrick) are required portions of the application. Those questions without the * (astrick) are not mandatory)

*What is your reasoning for requesting an investigation conducted? (Mark any or all that apply)
To determin the nature of paranormal activity and try to live with it
To capture proof of a supernatural energy/entity to have it expelled
To gain notability as an established and officiated "Haunted" site
Prove once and for all, "I am not crazy..."
I want to know if the paranormal activity is related to a past friend/family member
I need to have an estate verification done to determine if any paranormal activity exist in the home as I am buying/selling the house
I am interested in certainty that there are no explainable forces of nature that I am mistakenly calling paranormal
None of the Above (If so lead of the Misc. Comments with this info)

Thank you for completing the form for submition of your location for investigation by HMPR.  We will contact you by your specified convenient time listed in the form.  Please note, it may take some time to gather a support team together for large investigations due to our current amount of members.  However,  this will not change the quality of the investigation in anyway and should go as smoothly if not smoother with less people.

It is vitaly important to the investigation process that you understand, no additional persons should be present during the investigation.  Only the members of the family or owners of the location should be present.  No Media What So Ever.  Additional persons present and the additional equiptment carried by persons of the media will make an investigation go very bad.  HMPR will not conduct an investigation under these circumstances unless absolutely certain that these additional persons agree to and pass a series of training sessions prior to accompaniment at an investigation.  Our methods of image capture, audio capture, and other evidence capture methods could be contaminated or damaged by untrained individuals present at the investigation.  Once the investigation is concluded of course you can talk to anyone you like and if any evidence is collected of course reveal it at your will as you will be given copies of the evidence recieved.

It may take several weeks before we officialy close an investigation and issue the evidence found or any lack of evidence noted.  Understand, neither of these will be definete determining factors of an official statement of "Haunted", "Paranormaly Active", and/or "Not Haunted" by HMPR.  These factors are also determined but not limited to: a vote among investigators present, evidence, and personl experience accounts made by investigators.

If you understand all of the details listed in this submition for investigation, click the Submit for Investigation button below.